Anonymous asked:
Hi, I'm thinking of buying my first dSLR camera. What would be a good one to begin with on a low budget (up to $500)? I'm currently looking at the Nikon d3100 and Canon 1100d. Thanks for the advice!

I’m a canonist so I’m not very familiar with nikon but I do know that canon 1100D is a decent first camera but if you really like to photograph something else than your face, you’re gonna get tired of that camera in six months. I really recommend secondhand camera. I have a Canon 30D from a place where they mostly just fix broken cameras. It costed 150€ (not sure how much that is in dollars, maybe hundred) and it’s a professional camera and fills my needs perfectly. So at first check out all the camera stores in your area and ask for secondhand cameras, maybe canon 400D, 500D or canon 20D, canon 30D. Many photographers wanna upgrade their cameras so you can by from them too, if they really are professionals and know what they’re selling. Be critical and require that camera what you are buying is checked by a professional so you know you’re getting the real thing. 

Hard to give you an advice ‘cause if you were Finnish, I would know exactly where you could get your new camera. I hope you will find The One! 

(Sorry for sloppy language, I have a little hangover so I’m too lazy to fix my mistakes) 


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